10 Años Enalteciendo a Nuestra Santa Muerte – Reflections on the 2017 anniversary celebration for Santa Muerte Internacional from Hank Vine

Most Holy Death

25395892_1432297903535029_6906045210303626654_nYes, it has been a very good day…

The gentleman who rescued me at the airport the last time I visited (see Born in Texas, Complete in Mexico) is the one who I went with today.

I got called up to speak and be introduced to the people and I told how Flaca has given me my greatest blessing of all – Family.  Words can’t express what it feels like to be here in Mexico with my fiance and our expectant son Leo and to  give thanks on the altar to Flaca for this!

Two reporters approached me afterwards for questions regarding the faith. When asked what I pray for I honestly answered – Humility, food, shelter, family.

I told them my story of coming back from Juarez just a few years ago, stopping east of El Paso to piss and realizing I was by a shrine – laughing…

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