See 2017 Out in Style

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2017 is in its final weeks! Before we grab 2018 by the horns, it’s time for the wrap-ups and top ten lists that help us reflect on the year that was (and that make great blog posts when you’re crunched at holiday time).

As you plan your 2017 year-end blogging, here are our favorite bits of advice:

The Art of the Roundup

Is a roundup post “cheating”? Hardly! Year-end roundups shine a spotlight on pieces you read and loved — or wrote and are proud of — and how you curate them tells readers a lot about you.

Most of us blog because we enjoy creating and sharing original posts. Roundup posts don’t undermine that, they complement it. When you choose links to share with your readers, you’re not just sharing links. You’re introducing other perspectives, highlighting topics you think are important, providing context for all the original content you do

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